[aprssig] Password changed in WinAPRS & MacAPRS

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at comcast.net
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I understand this fact about Win/Mac APRS but as a registered uder of both Mac/Win APRS AND UI-VIew32 I would still like to be able to run both so as to help anyone else in my local area that are running the various version of APRS software.

I have noticed also that since G4IDE had passed away, there has nort been any updates to UI-View either, so is it going to eventually become a abandoned program as well?

I have been working with XASTIR on linux as well as SV2AGW's AGWTracker software as well as they are really coming into their own as main stream APRS software systems.

I feel I need to keep up to date running most of the versions used in my area so as to be able to help others trying to get started on APRS as well as doing demo's for clubs that want one.

Also, I am a firm believer in running software written for the operating system being used. Have tried to run XASTIR in WIndows using Cgywin better it never seemed to work write, and with getting a new MAC laptop in a few weeks would like to run a version of APRS made to run on MacOS. But will use XASTIR if I have to.

Just my thoughts,

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
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  Jacob Tennant wrote: 
    Hello everyone,

        I ahve been off of APRS for a few years but some new interest locally has sparked my return but when I tryed to load up WinAPRS my registration code would not work?

    Since I have been gone have they chaged the way the registration codes a setup?

    Was hoping to find out as I have registration codes for both MacAPRS and WinAPRS that I need to update.

    Jacob Tennant - K8JWT

  Why even bother to revive this dead orphaned product?    There has been no development activity on this program for over three years now.  (The author was severely injured and disabled in a ballooning accident a year or two ago.) 

  1)      The symbol set in Win/MacAPRS is now over a DECADE out of date, and unchangeable since it is embedded inside the compiled .EXE.  Half of the current symbol set won't even display (or show the WRONG symbols).  Further, current overlay characters used on many of the secondary symbol set won't display.     

  I maintain current symbol sets for UIview and APRSplus (where the symbol set is  external to the program and changeable). Further my current symbol set is also used by APRSpoint, findu and aprs.fi.   I tried to contact the Win/MacAPRS authors several years ago about embedding the current symbol set in their programs, but never heard back from them. 

  2)      The last version of Precision Mapping that worked with WinAPRS is now 7 years out of date.  Worse, even if you have the install disks and want to install Precision Mapping 5.0, Undertow Software no longer supports it with their online activation/registration site.   That is, Precision Mapping 5.0 is now unusable "abandonware".    



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