[aprssig] Password changed in WinAPRS & MacAPRS

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I am glad to see you are returning to APRS.  Yes, your observation is
correct, the registration codes have been changed for the newer versions of
the programs.  In WinAPRS the old registration code that you have will still
work in versions up to Version 2.5.1 which was the last version before the
major upgrade of the program.  Version 2.5.1 which uses Precision Maps
Version 3 or 3.5 still works very well and I still recommend running this
version for older slower computers.  The last version of WinAPRS that was
released was Version 2.8.5 which uses the free Tiger Maps and also works
well but you do need a faster computer with lots of memory or it will take a
long time for refreshing the screen.


When the Sproul's upgraded the registration codes, Mark Sproul put out a
notice that he would supply the upgraded registration number for free to any
previous registered users of WinAPRS.  All you had to do was contact him via
email and supply your name, call, old registration number.  I presume they
made a similar registration number change for MacAPRS but I don't know for
sure since I am not an Apple user.


Although no updates to these programs have been issued in a number of years,
the released versions still run just fine and I am still a loyal WinAPRS



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Hello everyone,


    I ahve been off of APRS for a few years but some new interest locally
has sparked my return but when I tryed to load up WinAPRS my registration
code would not work?


Since I have been gone have they chaged the way the registration codes a


Was hoping to find out as I have registration codes for both MacAPRS and
WinAPRS that I need to update.


Jacob Tennant - K8JWT

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