[aprssig] Digipeater Question - Unused WIDE2

Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Tue Apr 6 11:36:39 EDT 2010

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> On 6.4.2010 8:10, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
>> Ok, same question but with WIDE1 instead of WIDE2?  If this is done by a
>> particular TNC, wouldn't it end up killing the intent of a
>> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 original path if it decremented and retransmitted as
>> DIGICA-LL*,WIDE1,WIDE2-1? (DIGICA-LL* is the bogus digi's callsign-SSID
>> inserted).
> In a word, yes. So I'd recommend to treat any flood/trace alias that has 
> an ssid of zero "fully digipeated", even if the h-bit is not set (asterisk 
> not visible in the printed form). It should not be digipeated anymore, 
> unless a following digipeater field contains something that triggers a 
> digipeat. If digipeating is triggered by a following field, then setting 
> the h-bit on all previous digipeater fields should be prudent.
> The best fix to this would of course be to fix the UIDIGI firmware. But 
> the UIDIGI development front has been awfully quiet for several years now.

There is nothing wrong with UIDIGI firmware if the end user selects the 
correct settings. None of the UIDIGI systems in our network in North Alabama 
exhibit this problem.

Tim - N8DEU

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