[aprssig] temporary APRS setup

Steven Brower stevenbrower at verizon.net
Sat Oct 31 11:17:20 EDT 2009

Hi all,
I'm a longtime monitor of the group and this is the first time I've posted anything, so apologies if I make a protocol misstep.  I am in Montana (north of Livingston) working on developing a project that will use a high altitude balloon and APRS.  I have brought my little rig out here to test and I hear no APRS traffic at all.  If I want to be able to track this balloon flight, would I have to set up a temporary digipeater and igate?  I will have internet access at the launch site.  I also have a Kantronics TNC.  The device I'm testing now is a Yaesu VX-1 with a TinyTrak3+, and a Garmin puck.  I know this system works as I have tested it back home.  I have an OT1+ that I haven't yet tested but I expect this will replace the TT.  I also have a new iphone and the app iBCNU, to test the network out here, and I get no indication of an APRS network.  Could anyone give a terribly green user some direction on developing a temporary arrangement?  I know Keith
 will be helpful as he has answered my questions in the past offlist.  Thanks in advance, 
Steven Brower

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