[aprssig] APRS Text to Speech?

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I'm attaching an HTML page that I saved but do not have the link to on 
the web, if it even still exists.

I believe that Keith Sproul presented a paper on Kenwood Voice 
operations at the 2000 DCC.

Hope this helps



Robert Bruninga wrote:
> APRS has provision for clients to SPEAK APRS text, comments and
> messages and bulletins.
> This dates back to the original APRSdos which "spoke" by
> sounding out things in CW, and then WinAPRS and MacAPRS used
> text-to-speech algorithms.  Kenwood even includes text-to speech
> in the D700 and D710 if the radios have the voice chip.
> But... I just looked through the SPEC and the APRS11 and APRS12
> addendums, and cannot find where we documented this APRS
> feature.  And without finding it in writing, my memory is a bit
> hazy.
> We need to reconstruct this part of the APRS and doucment it.
> Basically the idea was that text that begins with % wouild be
> spoken (if possible) our sounded out in CW if possible to alert
> the recepient to incoming text of importance.
> Of course it was also a client option to speak ALL or any other
> subselections of text.
> Some clients used the initial % to indicate the entire line was
> to be spoken..  Others may have used %XXXXX at the start of a
> word to speak that word.
> In the kenwood, I think there was a way to use %XX to speak a
> particular WORD that was already programmed into the speech
> chip.  I even used those techniques with my original APRSdata
> program to cause Satellite ALERTS to be spoken using the words
> HIGH and LOW in the D700 to indicate the elevation of a satelite
> in view.
> Does anyone have SPECIFIC implementation details that we can use
> to capture the present state of this feature as it exists and to
> nail it down for the future?
> Bob, Wb4APR
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