[aprssig] APRS Text to Speech?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 12 21:40:02 EDT 2009

APRS has provision for clients to SPEAK APRS text, comments and
messages and bulletins.

This dates back to the original APRSdos which "spoke" by
sounding out things in CW, and then WinAPRS and MacAPRS used
text-to-speech algorithms.  Kenwood even includes text-to speech
in the D700 and D710 if the radios have the voice chip.

But... I just looked through the SPEC and the APRS11 and APRS12
addendums, and cannot find where we documented this APRS
feature.  And without finding it in writing, my memory is a bit

We need to reconstruct this part of the APRS and doucment it.

Basically the idea was that text that begins with % wouild be
spoken (if possible) our sounded out in CW if possible to alert
the recepient to incoming text of importance.
Of course it was also a client option to speak ALL or any other
subselections of text.

Some clients used the initial % to indicate the entire line was
to be spoken..  Others may have used %XXXXX at the start of a
word to speak that word.

In the kenwood, I think there was a way to use %XX to speak a
particular WORD that was already programmed into the speech
chip.  I even used those techniques with my original APRSdata
program to cause Satellite ALERTS to be spoken using the words
HIGH and LOW in the D700 to indicate the elevation of a satelite
in view.

Does anyone have SPECIFIC implementation details that we can use
to capture the present state of this feature as it exists and to
nail it down for the future?

Bob, Wb4APR

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