[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

J T w0jrt at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 14:23:37 EDT 2009

It isn't necessary to scrounge ebay for an old GPS for use with APRS.  Garmin has several newer models with color and a more sensitive GPS chipset that will work.  The Rino 520HCx / 530HCx is my personal favorite.  Many of the Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota series will also work.  Note that all of these units require a data cable in order to get RS-232 data out of them (Garmin part number 010-10572-00 for the Rino or 010-11131-00 for the Colorado / Oregon / Dakota).

Any of the GPS / GPSMAP 60, 72, or 76 series with an RS-232 interface will work.

The GPSMAP 276C is also a popular choice.

-Jerome, W0JRT

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