[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

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It isn't necessary to get a unit that has navigationl functionality (a display, maps, tec) just for APRS  Units which are just receivers that output NMEA 0813 sentences work very well and are relatively cheap.  For example
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        It isn't necessary to scrounge ebay for an old GPS for use with APRS.  Garmin has several newer models with color and a more sensitive GPS chipset that will work.  The Rino 520HCx / 530HCx is my personal favorite.  Many of the Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota series will also work.  Note that all of these units require a data cable in order to get RS-232 data out of them (Garmin part number 010-10572-00 for the Rino or 010-11131-00 for the Colorado / Oregon / Dakota).

        Any of the GPS / GPSMAP 60, 72, or 76 series with an RS-232 interface will work.

        The GPSMAP 276C is also a popular choice.

        -Jerome, W0JRT



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