[aprssig] Somewhat OT - Cradle pinout for Nuvi 350

Garrett Sloan Garrett at datplace.com
Wed Nov 18 16:06:38 EST 2009

I can't remember off the top of my head, but if you look at the tracker2
forum in the pictures section, there is a photo group of pictures I took
during the rewiring of my nuvi to power and connect to it all through the
rear jack on the cradle. On the cradle from above, looking down on the 4 pc
board traces (back of the cradle away from you) I believe its ground on the
rightmost trace (the left pin looking at the back of the nuvi) and +5 on the
leftmost trace (the right pin looking at the back of the nuvi) The two
middle ones aren't used on the cradle or connected, these are the ones I
used and spliced inside the nuvi to get data out the back.

Hope this helps,
Garrett Sloan

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I'm going to get the cable for the Nuvi 350 but the cable does not 
supply power. Since I need to hook power through the cradle, which I do 
not have due to space issue, Can someone tell me what the connection 
signals are for the back of the Nuvi 350?

If looking at the back from left to right, call it contacts 1 through 4. 
I can see that 4 is ground - connects to shell of USB. What is 1, 2, and 
3 used for - one of these have to be power and I suspect the other two 
are TX and RX.

Derek Koonce

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