[aprssig] TH-D7 versions. (Was RE: Reminder for US members: Reset the time in your radios)

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Fri Nov 6 07:40:40 EST 2009

>My D7E, I've "unlocked", so it can work just about anywhere it can lock
>the synth's.   RX filterwise, there is no noticable degredation 146 to
>148 or 440 to 450, though I've not "measured" it's performance up
>there..  It works well enough when in the US on their bands!  :-)

Ok i have not measured this either but i know that the TS2000 is different in E and A version.

>However, yes Skycommand is missing, though no real loss, as I don't have
>a TS-2000, and I'm not sure if it would be 100% legal here in the UK
>anyway (not protected against anyone else taking over the control link?)

It's legal in Norway as long as you are not occupying the simplex frequencies.
This is not a problem as UHF is rarely used in simplex. VHF are a bit more used but in most areas there are mountains blocking the frequency so that it's space enough for everybody. Even in other places in Norway with less mountains i really don't think this is a problem.

To take over the control link you need the correct subtone (not difficult to scan for) and you need to use the same callsign on AX25.

The wireless requires a 3 digit code and is a nice function.

I have used SkyCommand several times as my home QTH is not HF friendly and this works very good :o)

Wireless i have only been playing with but it's a nice tool.

Kai Gunter

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