[aprssig] UIDIGI Setup

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 5 06:39:49 EST 2009

> According to Bob, WB4APR it is not recommended to use 
> software driven programs for creating info type 
> objects and to let the digipeaters [do] this function.
> UI-View does just fine generating objects. 

Just to clarify.  That's not the point.  

The point is for "info type" objects generated by "software
driven" programs [at non-digi-locations].  The reasons these
localinfo frequency objects are best generated at the digi are:

1) Only the digi can hear the channel and avoid colliding with
2) Only the digi can generate these packets direct over the
coverage area
3) Home generated objects have to use 1 hop which collides with
other users
4) Home objects usually use the station's set path, usually 2
5) Anything beyond the local digi is SPAM and MISSINFORMATION

Result is that the QRM and collision potential of these objects
is 16 times greater when generated at a  home station than at
the digi.  And all those unwanted copies are in areas where the
object is useless SPAM. (A 2 hop path where most digis can hear
4 others = 16 dupes.  Compared to ONE packet that is guaranteed
not to collide with anything).

> If you don't have a digi at your disposal and UI-View is
> the right tool and in the right place, then why not?

If your area is remote from all other traffic, then of coruse,
it is ok to generate these at home, but PLEASE limit them to 1
hop.  The SPAM issue trumps all else.  I hate seeing a frequency
object and then QSY to find *that it is 3 counties away that I
cannot use*.

> In my opinion, a digi is not the right tool 
> to generate an object for an IRLP or EchoIRLP node. 

Maybe slightly better wording here would be..

" the IRLP or Echolink node itself is the far better
" place to generate these objects if you can afford
" the extra radio and TNC....

> The APRS status script running right on the node 
> would be live and up-to-the-minute, indicating 
> the status (connected to, idle, disabled etc.) 


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