[aprssig] TH-D7 versions. (Was RE: Reminder for US members: Reset the time in your radios)

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Nov 4 04:54:33 EST 2009

>I notice too, that Kenwood's own software utilities come in different
>flavors, and the 'A(G) version does not work with the 'E, though exactly
>why I've not fully determined.

For the TH-D7, TM-D700 and TS-2k i think it's the filters that are different for 2m/70cm and extra functions like Wireless and SkyCommand "missing" in the E version.

But for the TH-D7 and TM-D700 you have different firmware versions. The earliest have some annoying bugs an missing functions.
Some TH-D7 have proper NMEA handling some don't

>Are there such differences in models of the D700 and D710?   If so, we
>need to be careful with the recomendations, specifying what exact model
>radio/tnc/tracker etc it relates to.

>Dave G0WBX.

The TM-D700 is in several versions so i would only recommend the latest firmware.
Theres also an issue with some TM-D700 not been able to use NFM and some lack 1750Hz and it's not possible to change this.

For the TMN-D710 i think the units are more or less identical in hardware. I'm not sure if the firmware is capable of adjusting the filters in A vs E version.

Kai Gunter

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