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Leszek Adamiak F4ARO f4aro at yahoo.fr
Sat May 9 10:28:38 EDT 2009

All right for all explains
But how we have possibility to verify if the tactical call is true ?
Not hams can send via IP a message without any control.
Hams have a valid number for IP server.
We can verify on qrz.com for exemple a call but where found information for tactical call ?
Here in France, we not have tactical just offical

73 de F4ARO Leszek

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Sorry, I hit send too soon. The other point I wanted to make is that the APRS Internet System was not intended to be, and never was, a hamradio only network. From when I first conceived of it I wanted it to serve as an ambassador for amateur radio, one that showed a new audience of people the value of amateur radio. It has succeeded in this regard, I have heard from many people who became hams after being introduced to the possibilities through the internet side of APRS. A large number of the users of the APRS IS are not hams (yet) and that is not a bad thing.

Steve K4HG

On May 9, 2009, at 5:55 AM, rttyman wrote:

> Hello!
> We should filter and stop all traffic in APRS-IS without hamradio callsign
> in _source_ and _gated by_ fields and problem will go left! Just
> remember that its hamradio network!
> 73, Sergej
> uz2hz
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