[aprssig] Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event update(3)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 7 15:29:14 EDT 2009

Need Boots on the ground in SW Virginia!

We are abandoning Sand Mountain in Wythville because its been a
month, and noone has been able to make contact with the rumored
KW4FM-3 APRS digi there.  It does not show up on the APRS-IS
either.  Probably is an obsolete WIDE not getting out, nor
serving anyone.  Would sure like to have boots on the ground
confrim it.

Also Sand Mountain accecss road is limited access and the site
has high QRM.  Have now found a great site (flying around in
Google Earth) nearby with a public road along a ridge.  A
drive-up site for sure... (but need local experience to
confirm).  Please see the new web page for Comers Rock: 

More volunteers needed.  See www.aprs.org/at-golden-packet.html


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> Subject: Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event update(2)
> With warming weather, site-checks and more reports 
> are coming in on the mountain-top relay sites for 
> the Appalachian Trial Golden Packet attempt this 
> July 26th.  The various station web pages
> are being updated regularly as reports come in.
> This weekend we nailed these additional sites:
> * Camelback site visit by NJ2L. Tested link to his son at
> * Governor Dick Hill with an HT, by Paul, K2PCS 
> * Lowered Katahdin desires by 4000' to find a drive-up at a
> campground
> * Abandoned the existing digi site at Sugarloaf in Maine but
> * Nailed down the Maine-Relay point by KQ1L
> Spread the word.  Remember, we are also looking 
> to go beyond the AT down south over through Lookout 
> mountain in Chatanooga and on to Huntsville Mountain 
> in Alabama.
> Check out all the links:
> www.aprs.org/at-golden-packet.html
> Join a team, or do a link check. Etc...
> Bob, WB4APR

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