[aprssig] APRS in Orlando?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 19 09:50:01 EDT 2009

> The last time I was in the states (PA/NY) 
> with the trusty D7-E, trying to read such 
> info was a right pain.  There was so much 
> traffic, it just whizzed off the tiny 
> screen before I had any chance of reading it

We have gone to great lengths to make sure the suggested info is
formatted for best display on the small screen of the D7.  And
this also shows well on the D700 and D710 and now the VX-8R also
has a compatible 20x20 byte display which also displays the
10x10x+ info...

> Messages get saved in its memory OK, 
> objects etc just pass by.

Actually, objects are saved on the D7 just like any station, so
the FREQ object shows up in the station list.  Just press LIST
key and scroll down the list.  Every object should be there.
And since the FREQ objects show up as the FREQ in that list,
they are very easy to see.  Think of it as an on-line local
frequency list.

In the D710 it is even better.  Press the LIST button, then hit
SORT-by-CALL and all of the frequency objects will show up
alphabetically at the top of the list.  Select the one you want
to operate, and press the TUNE button.  Done.

> When I did get a chance to hook up the ...laptop,
> much of the information (in Northern NY city in 
> particular) was wrong, in regards to local voice 
> repeater details (frequency and tone requirements
> etc).   That was back in 2005/6 I think.

Yes, it is painfully slow to get the DIGIPEATER owners to get
the formatting correct or even to add these objects to their
digipeater Btext in the first place. Some digi owners are hard
to locate and slow to make changes.  For example, my digi, that
is 1 mile away, needs work and I have not done anything in 3
years!  ARGH!

We have met the enemy, and he is us...


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