[aprssig] emergency beacon called wide1-1 today

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Sun Mar 15 14:19:43 EDT 2009

hi folks, wow, lots of discussion about the emerg. beacon called wide1-1, 
Even the pilot/ham wrote me back. neat.
anyway, heres what I have to say about it. I wish or would of liked it be a 
callsign instead of a route/path
that i had to try to make contact with. as were not allowed to make contact 
with non-hams. unless of course it is a emergency. as this may have been. 
but glad i was working with this web page the last few weeks so I know that 
most if not all were not real that i was seeing on the web page. (emergency 
beacons heard last 24 hours)  also i have here a msg that was said was sent 
from wide1-1 to do3box.
(Genau, Freut mich, dass es Funk) what ever that means and what ever call 
that was too. Don't look like a call to me, but may be a foriegn one. As I 
was reading some of the post I seen that a tnc may use wide1-1 as a default 
or call. not just in the route, like nocall is used. anyway, I am learning 
more and more about aprs and injoying it. now if i can find that add on for 
uiview for emergency beacons I will add it on to mine. but make sure I know 
the process before I turn it on. oh one more thing, I signed up for that 
email sent when emergency beacon is there, but I think its not working as I 
did not get one for wide1-1 or the other call that was there. Does anyone 
know if its going to work or is working?
thats kind of neat. 73

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