[aprssig] Weather station search

Russ Chadwick russ at wxqa.com
Thu Mar 12 08:49:39 EDT 2009

Derek Koonce wrote:
> I'm looking into a weather station for the home. Could you provide me 
> with a make and model of units that people use with which APRS 
> software. Preferrably I'd like to see one with wireless sensors and 
> then hook it up to the PC so that I can pull history data, save it, 
> recall as desired.
> Please respond to me directly if possible and I'll put a chart 
> together and post it on the list server. I believe it would be very 
> useful for future reference of others as well.
> (I am posting this on the TAPR APRS and CA_APRS reflectors and thus 
> one needs to only respond once (if on both lists). I'll post to both 
> reflectors)


Here's a list of weather stations being used in APRSWXNET/CWOP,


Russ  KB0TVJ

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