[aprssig] APRS / Packet board for Arduino

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 05:23:21 EST 2009

Any of these things available with network (CAT5 TCP/IP) connectivity
built in?  (Even if only at 10mbps)   They'd be great for shack remote
control and home automation.  
Dave G0WBX.


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	 I have been selling Freeduino (fully Arduino compatible
alternative systems) for coming up on two years now and watched the ham
percentage of my clientele rise from almost nothing to about  20%. Its
really is the next step up from the Basic Stamp/PICAXE world, with far
more power at your fingertips. The high level libraries in existence for
Arduino make it trivial to do many complex actions that you couldn't
begin to do on a 'basic stamp' -like processor ... and I think most hams
would be thrilled to have floating point math available after all the
kluges we have been doing for years with stamps and integer arithmetic 


	The Arduino IDE is amazingly robust and stable in Winders,
MacOSX, and LInux, especially when you see that the code team still
calls it Alpha code! Its written in Java and is more or less the same
across all three platforms. Its got a lot to offer the ham world.

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