[aprssig] What is the best GPS Data RX on the market now?Answer: GPS 18x

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I don't know if the GPS-18x comes with Garmin's MapSource software, but if it does, it can download all the stuff from your older units.  My 10 year old GPS-III was dieing about a year and a half ago (dead pixel streaks across the screen), and I upgraded to an eTrex Vista HCx.  The software that came with the unit had no problem downloading from the GPS-III and uploading to the eTrex.  (The eTrex isn't for you - no serial port.)

I looked on the Garmin site, and the MapSource software that you can download is claimed not to work unless you already have a copy, otherwise I'd suggest you take it for a spin before deciding what to do.  Alternatively, perhaps you can find someone else with a Garmin unit and MapSource software, and use their system do back up your data.

Good luck,

Greg  KO6TH

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Exactly the altitude limit that really does not concern 
me too much since I don't do any balloon stuff. I'll see where else on the net I 
can find a 18x for a good price, I am guessing they can be found for about 
thing I got to do is take the GPSII and GPS V waypoints that I have and suck 
them out of the units before they totally die. Displays are going south and I am 
getting some sort of wierd errors when the GPSII locks on. Friday my wife was in 
the other county then appeared in Central Mexico and just sat there, location 
was wrong but I think the timestamp continued to be correct. The Kenwood 
continued to Xmit the location and I think it's smart enough to look to see if 
it's a valid sentence and xmit or not. I'll probably buy a Nuvi for actual 
navigation and got to see if I can transfer the old data over to the new ones, I 
have about 13 years of waypoints from accross the country saved up which I would 
like to keep. 

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      Can you be more specific?  I have multiple GPS 18 
        units and even one GPS 18x running, with some of them attached to D700s 
        and I've never had a problem.  The only issue that I've heard about 
        is that the very early GPS 18x units (the 18x is the high-sensitivity 
        replacement for the now or soon to be discontinued GPS 18) had an 
        altitude limit in that they would no longer report altitudes if the unit 
        went above 60,000 feet, but that issue was resolved with a firmware 
        upgrade several months ago.  I just looked at Scott's page and it 
        still mentions this bug, but that page is outdated since the bug has 
        been fixed.  Even if you have one of the early GPS 18x units you 
        can upgrade the firmware which is available at garmin.com.

        had nothing but excellent results with both the GPS 18x and the older 
        GPS 18.  I'd highly recommend using the GPS 18x.  It's been 
        reliable and has very fast acquisition.

-Jerome, W0JRT

        On Sat, 1/24/09, Rich Garcia <k4gpsc at gmail.com> 

        Scott's web page and it seems Garmin has a problem currently with the GPS18

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