[aprssig] US APRS symbol usage

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Thu Jan 22 21:10:25 EST 2009

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	If APRS is used at NWS WFO it is only for ham use.  They have
official channels for ingesting weather info, which includes quality control
checks.  Exceptions may be made during severe weather events, but my direct
experience has shown the warning meterologist's are not interested in this
info.  Instead they use METAR data from Airports, and AWOS (automated
weather stations), which are available to them via official channels, in
near real time.  They will also use the telephone to access automated voice
weather at airports.

	Weather stations who are RF only should only use a MAXIMUM of one
hop IMO.  While it would be nice to get into an IGATE, the info will never
get picked up by NWS for dissemination in any case.  It is mainly of use to
people in the vicinity of the weather station, particularly mobiles.  


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>> This represents weeks of reported stations 
>> where Uses is a station count and Packets 
>> is total packets over some number of weeks
>> Home  2433 2204101	 
>> Digi  2052 5226119	 
>> Car	  2049 1717515	 
>> Truck 1682 1241209	 
>> WX    1639 7079016
>While pondering the large number of digi packets, I looked up
>the total distribution of "N" versus new-N "S" digis and was
>surprised to see that we have really made some progress this
>year.  Now there are 308 old "N" digis compared to 1342 "S"
>I hope all of the "S" digis did not simply change their overlay,
>but instead fully implemented the new-N settings such that the
>"S" digi is using proportional pathing to keep the 1 hop and 2
>hop ID's to 30 miuntes and 1 hour (while the direct ID's are
>every 10 minutes for travelers in range).
>The old 30 minute rates of the "N" digis going out 3, 4 and 5
>hops was killing the network.
>WEATHER:  But still we see that Weather is the biggest consumer.
>Hence the discussion this week of SHORT PATHS for WX, or at
>least a directed path like WIDE1-1,DIGI2 if more than one hop is
>needed to get the data to a NWS or Igate.
>Bob, WB4APR
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