[aprssig] US APRS symbol usage

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 22 20:39:27 EST 2009

> This represents weeks of reported stations 
> where Uses is a station count and Packets 
> is total packets over some number of weeks
> Home  2433 2204101	 
> Digi  2052 5226119	 
> Car	  2049 1717515	 
> Truck 1682 1241209	 
> WX    1639 7079016

While pondering the large number of digi packets, I looked up
the total distribution of "N" versus new-N "S" digis and was
surprised to see that we have really made some progress this
year.  Now there are 308 old "N" digis compared to 1342 "S"

I hope all of the "S" digis did not simply change their overlay,
but instead fully implemented the new-N settings such that the
"S" digi is using proportional pathing to keep the 1 hop and 2
hop ID's to 30 miuntes and 1 hour (while the direct ID's are
every 10 minutes for travelers in range).

The old 30 minute rates of the "N" digis going out 3, 4 and 5
hops was killing the network.

WEATHER:  But still we see that Weather is the biggest consumer.
Hence the discussion this week of SHORT PATHS for WX, or at
least a directed path like WIDE1-1,DIGI2 if more than one hop is
needed to get the data to a NWS or Igate.


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