[aprssig] Failed APRS?

scott laughlin n7net at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 13:30:06 EST 2009

I own 11 remote acres in the New Mexico Rockies where I like to spend part of my summer doing CW QRP with solar power.  My cell phone doesn't work there and I have to drive nearly 10 miles to the nearest phone booth.  

My YL, KC7BSY, is a no code technician who does APRS.  Using my TM-D710 I'm able to keep a 2-way going with her in Dallas. 

72 de Scott/n7net/qrp
NAQCC 2213
FISTS 8879
SKCC 1964
CTC 1.945
Wireless Pioneers 5706-TA
FPQRP 2446

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> Honestly, regardless of what word the "P" stood
> for, people will use the
> protocol as they see fit or see use.  


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