[aprssig] Weather Station Path/Rate Recommendations

William McKeehan mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net
Tue Jan 20 10:40:15 EST 2009

I'm looking for an "official" source (i.e., something like a page on aprs.org)
of recommendations for weather station path's and rates on RF.

There are a couple of stations that have been brought to my attention that are
excessive, and I'd like to point them to a good source when I suggest they
make changes so it's not just me suggesting it, but the recommendation of the
APRS community.

The stations in question are KF4ZUX-4 and KG4LKY.

Their packets hit a large digi directly. The local digi in Knoxville, TN
(KD4CWB-3) is some 70+ miles away and diging them after one hop. One guy is
running a WIDE2-2 path, the other is running WIDE3-3. Personally, I think
weather information should be digi'd enough to make it to an iGate, but
otherwise should remain local, so my suggestion for these guys would be to use
a single WIDE2-1 path.

The other thing is their packet rate, one is sending a packet every minute,
the other is about every 2 minutes. I'd like to suggest a MINIMUM interval be
every 10 minutes with the preferred being 15 or more.

Again, these are my thoughts and I'd like to see some recommendations from the
experts on the matter.

William McKeehan

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