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Amir K9CHP sarlabs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 16:19:27 EST 2009

I live in NYS, I have a NYS ham operator plate K9CHP, but I'm not 
considered an emergency vehicle of any sort on the road. Now if you look 
on how to obtain a ham radio operator license plate, you will see the 
instructions are with other emergency type plates as you need to provide 
proof (a copy of your FCC license) but that's where the officialdom 
begins and ends.

I don't know what the person below called "specifically exempt". The 
only break is on the cost of the ham plate, much cheaper than a regular 
vanity plate.

           73 de Amir, K9CHP WAS, WAC, VE (ARRL and W5YI)
            www.K9CHP.net <http://www.K9CHP.net/> 
http://k9chp.blogspot.com <http://k9chp.blogspot.com/>
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            NYS Federation Certification Tester
            1st Special Response Group (1SRG) www.1srg.org 

eseacord at cloud9.net wrote:
> Hi gang
> New York State specifically exempts ham as we are also considered 
> emergency vehicles to an extent. I don't know the law offhand but you 
> can find it by looking it up on New York States DMV web site.
> Regards
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