[aprssig] Weather Station Path/Rate Recommendations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 20 11:13:23 EST 2009

Re:  WX data rates, your hunch is correct!
The historical answer for WX stations:

* Use "complete WX" format if possible (contains posit and WX in
each packet)
* 10 minute rate preferred (standard Net cycle time)
* Usually DIRECT or 1 hop MAX if from a high-site
* Minimum hops to hit local SKYWARN net or IGATE otherwise
(still max 1 recommended)
* Decay Algorithm for non-changing data
  > Decay if no temp or rain change
  > decay if wind speed zero or unchanging
** Note, histroically, PeetBros WX stations in PACKET mode are
fixed at 5 minute rate and that is acceptible.

Now I don't know IF or WHERE this might be published in all my
docs, but I think that was the general concensus back in the
1996 time frame when we were nailing all this down.


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> Subject: [aprssig] Weather Station Path/Rate Recommendations
> I'm looking for an "official" source (i.e., something like a 
> page on aprs.org)
> of recommendations for weather station path's and rates on RF.
> There are a couple of stations that have been brought to my 
> attention that are
> excessive, and I'd like to point them to a good source when I 
> suggest they
> make changes so it's not just me suggesting it, but the 
> recommendation of the
> APRS community.
> The stations in question are KF4ZUX-4 and KG4LKY.
> https://mckeehan.homeip.net/javaprs/usage.html
> Their packets hit a large digi directly. The local digi in 
> Knoxville, TN
> (KD4CWB-3) is some 70+ miles away and diging them after one 
> hop. One guy is
> running a WIDE2-2 path, the other is running WIDE3-3. 
> Personally, I think
> weather information should be digi'd enough to make it to an 
> iGate, but
> otherwise should remain local, so my suggestion for these 
> guys would be to use
> a single WIDE2-1 path.
> The other thing is their packet rate, one is sending a packet 
> every minute,
> the other is about every 2 minutes. I'd like to suggest a 
> MINIMUM interval be
> every 10 minutes with the preferred being 15 or more.
> Again, these are my thoughts and I'd like to see some 
> recommendations from the
> experts on the matter.
> Thanks!
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> William McKeehan
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