[aprssig] Aprs-is / aprs-vhf packet rate limit guidelines

Matthew Asham/BCWNS matthewa at bcwireless.net
Wed Jan 7 13:46:31 EST 2009

Hi Folks,

I've recently been experimenting with having new objects created when a power outage in British Columbia is detected,  but am
concerned about a high rate of item creation via APRS-IS.  

I have a few methods in mind to prevent flooding of the APRS-IS network (such as limiting object creation to a lat/long with X KM
radius or only presenting a new object if a certain number of customers are affected), but would like to get a sense for what is
considered 'excessive' in terms of a single node transmitting new objects via APRS-IS and APRS-VHF/1200.

For example, is 100 objects in a single hour to spammy?  

Anyone have some thoughts on this?  I am looking for distinctions between APRS-IS and transmitting to RF as well.



Matthew Asham
British Columbia Wireless Network Society

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