[aprssig] Aprs-is / aprs-vhf packet rate limit guidelines

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 7 14:17:56 EST 2009

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Matthew Asham/BCWNS wrote:

> would like to get a sense for what is considered 'excessive' in
> terms of a single node transmitting new objects via APRS-IS and
> APRS-VHF/1200.
> For example, is 100 objects in a single hour to spammy?
> Anyone have some thoughts on this?  I am looking for distinctions
> between APRS-IS and transmitting to RF as well.

Most of the Firenet scripts/programs throttle the objects back to XX
per second.  The Gauge script probably has the highest rate,
selected to get the objects out before the next script run, but it
only sends out objects that have changed recently which limits the
total number transmitted each interval quite a lot as well.  Letting
it run unthrottled could cause thousands of objects to be sent out
as a block and would generate a lot of hate e-mail.  These objects
are sent to Firenet.us and/or APRS-IS, depending on the exact

As far as RF, that's a local consideration and you should bring it
up with your local or regional experts.  For where you're at, you
and I listen to pretty much the same experts:  NWAPRS.

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