[aprssig] Anyone using an old Garmin III (not "street pilot III") with a D700?

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Sun Apr 26 01:46:04 EDT 2009

At 10:05 PM 4/25/2009, Tom Russo wrote:
>So does anyone out there know what the difference might be between the NMEA
>waypoint sentence sent by the D700 for an object and that for a regular

I actually don't have either of those pieces of equipment, but I 
recall mention of difference in the NMEA string and some setting in 
the D700. I believe it had to do with the number of digits in the 
decimal portion of the lat/long.

It's possible that he has it set right for positions but not for 
objects. (at least let's hope that Kenwood included settings for both.)

You might be able to experiment with entering less digits on the 
object to see if that helps, but some time with the Kenwood manual 
might be in order. Last I knew they had it available for download at 
their site. I took a copy on an exercise with me because I knew the 
next station had a D700. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to copy it 
when I switched computers, since I don't have a D700.


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