[aprssig] Anyone using an old Garmin III (not "street pilot III") with a D700?

Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 26 03:14:35 EDT 2009

This may sound like an "is it turned on" sort of question, but is the GPS memory full?  I forget what mine did when I filled it up, but this sounds vaguely familiar.  (I have the GPS-III, but not a D700, so I can't try it.)  The GPS-III also has limitations on waypoint names, 6 characters, I think, upper case only; stuff like that.

It's actually not a bad GPS, considering its age.  I'd probably still be using mine but the screen's got a bunch of missing pixel lines, so it's getting hard to read.  Not that I'd trade my Garmin Vista HCx for one, but I'm hanging on to it as a backup, and because it has a serial port.

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> Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 23:05:13 -0600
> From: russo at bogodyn.org
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> Subject: [aprssig] Anyone using an old Garmin III (not "street pilot III")	with a	D700?
> On a SAR DF practice today, I was sending out DF bearing objects from Xastir,
> and one of the field guys who was using an ancient Garmin III GPS with his 
> D700 was having fits.
> Apparently, this GPS, or at least the one he has, is rejecting every single
> waypoint the D700 sends him for *any* objects.  It's not just the ones I was
> sending --- he's getting the same problem for any object that comes in to his
> D700, including the repeater objects being sent out by some of our local digis.
> The GPS reports "Invalid Waypoint" and makes him hit the enter button before
> it'll do anything else.  He's had this problem for as long as our local digis
> have been sending out repeater objects, but it was really bothering him today
> since I was sending out lots of objects all day.
> This is very clearly an issue with that GPS, not with the objects sent out.  At
> first we thought it might have been an invalid character in the waypoint name,
> but when I sent out an object named "Actual" (at the actual location of
> the transmitter after it was located), the GPS complained about that one,
> too.  
> So does anyone out there know what the difference might be between the NMEA
> waypoint sentence sent by the D700 for an object and that for a regular 
> station?  And does anyone else use an old GPS III who has an experience that
> differs from this one?  Anyone know how to fix it (short of telling this
> fellow "get a new GPS!" --- which will not go down well)?
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