[aprssig] Anyone using an old Garmin III (not "street pilot III") with a D700?

Tom Russo russo at bogodyn.org
Sun Apr 26 01:05:13 EDT 2009

On a SAR DF practice today, I was sending out DF bearing objects from Xastir,
and one of the field guys who was using an ancient Garmin III GPS with his 
D700 was having fits.

Apparently, this GPS, or at least the one he has, is rejecting every single
waypoint the D700 sends him for *any* objects.  It's not just the ones I was
sending --- he's getting the same problem for any object that comes in to his
D700, including the repeater objects being sent out by some of our local digis.
The GPS reports "Invalid Waypoint" and makes him hit the enter button before
it'll do anything else.  He's had this problem for as long as our local digis
have been sending out repeater objects, but it was really bothering him today
since I was sending out lots of objects all day.

This is very clearly an issue with that GPS, not with the objects sent out.  At
first we thought it might have been an invalid character in the waypoint name,
but when I sent out an object named "Actual" (at the actual location of
the transmitter after it was located), the GPS complained about that one,

So does anyone out there know what the difference might be between the NMEA
waypoint sentence sent by the D700 for an object and that for a regular 
station?  And does anyone else use an old GPS III who has an experience that
differs from this one?  Anyone know how to fix it (short of telling this
fellow "get a new GPS!" --- which will not go down well)?

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