[aprssig] N494CZ/WB9CQO

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Apr 4 12:49:46 EDT 2009

I see three hits in the QRZ database for the name 'Beduhn', none of them 
in WI where N494CZ is registered.  No hits for the street address.  If 
it's a mis-entered call, it would seem to be someone else's.

Maybe we need to come up with a generic postcard for these cases that 1. 
Doesn't automatically assume wrongdoing, 2. Provides information on how 
to get licensed if the recipient isn't already, 3. Gently reminds the 
recipient of the possible $11,000 fine, and 4. Provides an email address 
to contact if they have any questions.

Might be less confrontational than a phone call - I know that has turned 
out badly in a few cases.  Yes, I know this is supposed to be the 
responsibility of OOs, but frankly, some of them seem to be jerks.  Or 
at least have some sort of mall cop syndrome.

This isn't about enforcement, it's about education if the recipient 
truly doesn't know they're doing something wrong, and gently letting 
them know that someone IS watching.  For anyone who thought it was like 
GMRS where hardly anyone gets the license and no one enforces it, this 
would tell them otherwise.  If they keep operating illegally after that, 
well, then the rabid OOs have a legitimate target to go after.

If someone wants to come up with the text for such a card and provide 
addresses, I'll be happy to do the printing and mailing.


Mike Miller wrote:
> N494CZ is now flying over NE WI. He shows WB9CQO in comments, 
> but that call is not in the FCC database. The aircraft owner 
> doesn't appear to licensed either. Another pirate or just an 
> error entering the call?
> Mike KC9DOA
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