[aprssig] Universal Messaging (and new qAP feedback?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 29 11:56:35 EDT 2008

> So, if we are seeing ourselves on Findu, 
> and sending a message from the web 
> interface doesn't make it, then we must 
> have an iGate that isn't configured...

Actually, it could be many things, and that is why these kinds
of Message entry portals need to implement the full APRS message
function, which includes:
1) Retries using the decay algorithm
2) Message line numbers to require acks
3) retry and ack status display feedback to the sender
4) ROUTE (qAP) feedback to the sender (this is new)

This item 4 or something like it is something we should consider
adding to the APRS-IS and Igate codes...  It means the Igate
that gated a packet to RF should also send back via the APRS-IS
information showing what it did with the packet!  This would
help in the tracing of problems through the network.  Right now,
it is impossible to see, since all Igates ignore the on-air
packets from other Igates so this information is not avaialbe.

Maybe it could be a new "qAP" packet.  Following the "qAP" would
be the callsign of the Igate, then its RF PATH (maybe WIDE2-2,
or WIDE1-1, or whatever it is using).  This kind of feedback on
the APRS-IS would be very valuable.  Pete, AE5PL and Steve, K4HG
and others should have the best ideas how to do this kind of
stuff.  Of course, all of the existing Uiview Igates will never
be upgradeable, but we have to start somewhere and now is a good

Anyway, back to the UNIVERSAL MESSAGING ISSUE, by having this
"qAP" feedback information, then we can see how outgoing
messages are being handled by the APRS-IS and from that improve
our overall goal of Universal Messaging Connectivity.

Bob, Wb4APR

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