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kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Wed Oct 29 04:26:18 EDT 2008

>So, if we are seeing ourselves on Findu, and sending a message from the web interface doesn't make it, then we must have an iGate >that isn't configured to gate Internet to RF?  I've been trying to send to my D7 (KO6TH-1) from the web, and no luck.  Also tried >sending to my own fill-in iGate (KO6TH), and no luck there either.  (I turned on the RF beaconing for a few minutes for the test, >which was a few days ago.)

>Oh, well....

>So, I think the only other reverse messaging system (i.e. Internet to RF) is Winlink.  Is it susceptible (if that's the right word) >to the same iGate configuration requirement?  I was about to give it a try a month ago, and got distracted...  Should I bother?

>Greg  KO6TH

Sending via FINDU do not work for me.

I have made an sms-->aprs  program running on an server and this works.
manually sending a message via the aprs server works.
Sending messages to aprs from e-mail using the plugin for javAPRSSrvr ‑ Pete Loveall AE5PL works ok

I have not tried sending from the openaprs page.

The WinLink method works but not 100% so this is very unstable here. (so i don't use this)

So the javaAPRSSrvr is working 100% but i like the WinLink system better regarding the commands for sending/receiving e-mail via APRS.
It's not possible to send a message with more than one line using the javaAPRSSrvr.

Kai Gunter

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