[aprssig] Universal APRS messaging Opportunities!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 28 20:12:42 EDT 2008

This univsersal HAM Radio Text Messaging is what the ARRL
special committee on the future of Amateur Radio requested.
Text messaging for all ham radio.  (Bring in the youth) as well
as a system for emergency contact.


There are lots of opportunities here for lots of programmers and
applications to gateway all of the many text-messaging systems
altogether so that no matter what the device, you can send and
receive amateur radio text messages by callsign address alone.
(APRS-IS provides the backbone).

Here are all the systems identified so far:

APRS messages - send/receive
APRS emails - send
EMAIL->APRS - receive 
FINDU/OPENaprs messages - send/receive
DTMF messaging in the FT-51R and TH-78
DCS messaging  in the VX3R, FTM-10R, etc
DTMF messaging in all other DTMF radios (APRStt)
IPHONE applications
Blackberry applications
OLPC (APRSXO) application

Im thinking of seeing if I can put a DTMF/DCS receiver on 146.58
MHz simplex in this area to listen for the non packet formats
and convert over to APRS.  This simplex calling frequency
appears both in the standard ARRL band plans as well as in the
20 KHz band plans in some states.

If we cannot agree on that one, then 146.46, 147.42(ARES),
147.48, or 147.54 could also meet the criteria.
Bob, Wb4APR

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