[aprssig] Satellite Info for real time mobile operator

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 19 12:50:05 EDT 2008

I posted this on the AMSAT sig, but it is really an APRS
function and we need someone to write this new code.
AMSAT Application Programmer wanted:

For years there has been an APRS program that puts out local
real-time satellites-in-view information to the front panels of
mobile users with the D7 and D700 radios:

When a satellite comes into view, the user is given the
satellite direction and range, and also the frequency and
doppler all right there on the front of his radio if someone in
the region is putting out the info on APRS.

What is new, here is that we just realized that there are tens
of thousands of additional handheld satellite radios that can
also display this local information.  The FT-51R and TH-78
radios can also display TEXT messages, and so with the right
application written, these radios which are already used by many
AMSAT satellite operators, can also receive these alerts while
traveling, and thus enjoy more satellite time.

Please see the page: www.aprs.org/FT51-TH78.html

If anyone is looking for a great programming project and wants
to get
More use out of these TH78 and FT51R radios, this is a great


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