[aprssig] Proposal: For Satellite Digi - real time mobile operator

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 19 20:38:49 EDT 2008

Darn Yahoo - sometines sends to group, sometimes to OP..  Arrg

  Some thoughts/ideas RE:
> ... APRS program that puts out local
> real-time satellites-in-view information to the front panels of
> mobile users with the D7 and D700 radios:
> www.aprs.org/APRSdata.html
> When a satellite comes into view, the user is given the
> satellite direction and range, and also the frequency and
> doppler... 
    ___if___ someone in the region is putting out the info on APRS.

  Nice idea, However, how about being in a remote area (or any area) without this support?

How about puting something in the client to FIND SATELLITES FOR YOU.  It seems that something like this should work.

  It would only be necessary to pre-program current Satellite up/ownlink frequencies into the unit/radio/client. (this suggests future standard APRS SAT freqs).  Or scan the Sat band(s).

When User wants to send a message:
1 - User enters a message into the unit.
2 - Radio listens to the sat freq(s) for beacons.
3 - When a beacon is heard, it sends the message normally.
4 - Unit calculates an approximate LEO time-of-next pass to minimize listening to nothing.
  This assumes the Sat will be transmitting frequencly.

For a mostly idle Sat (may not be reasonable, but should consider).
1 - Same.
2 - Radio beacons on Sat uplink perodically.  Could be very Frequent (battery life considerations apply) since there is no flooding issue until Sat is in view.
3 - When Radio hears it's echo, it sends message(s).
4 - Unit calculates an approximate LEO time-of-next pass to minimize TRANSMITTING into space.

   With no outgoing messages in the que, the idle state of the radio would still be listening (or beaconing) and doing the Step 4 calculation. 

  Receiving messages would use similar steps as applicable.  Basicly decode messages normally when Sat in view and conserve battery until next pass.

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