[aprssig] usb-serial

Jack Spitznagel frawg at frawg.org
Sun Nov 30 12:40:16 EST 2008

Ansewr to two comments by Chris and Ben;

Chris Rose wrote:
>  However, Vista isn't letting me do everything I want with the software, waiting for a patch(AGWPE).
Chris- First of all, let me say I am a happy AGWPE-Pro and Tracker user
so you know that I have a little bias. Do not hold your breath. 1)
AGWPE-Pro does support Vista. Some folks have apparently gotten AGWPE
working in Vista's XP-SP2 compatibility mode... I think they did the
install in "safe mode" with minimal drivers loaded. I never really tried
it. 2.) George is very busy working on his business with the TNT modems
and other commercial products... He does not seem to be writing or
updating software very quickly. (If it is freeware, if at all... really
don't hold your breath!).

>   Microsuck doesn't want you to be able to use recently obsolete (XP) devices with Vista, they want you to buy new stuff.
I have 2 perfectly good HP printers that are not supported in Vista...
fortunately they are in Linux... I am with you on that!!!.

To Ben,
>> /My question is, has anyone used such a cable ( USB-SERIAL
>> ) with a TNC 
>> without any problems. /I would be interested to hear any
>> thoughts or 
>> suggestions
I have two USB-Serial adapters that work flawlessly with an AEA PK232,
an ICOM CT17, a Yaesu FT-817, and several pieces of scientific
equipment. I would bet they will work with any serial port TNC so long
as the software you are using can see virtual com port numbers.
AGWPE-Pro can use the virtual com ports. The adapters are a Keyspan 19HS
and a Dynex/Prolific DXUBDB9. Both were no pain installations. They were
both in the $30-$40 US range. I have heard horror stories about some of
the other units (including other models from Prolific!) not performing
well. Read through the thread on the Yahoo HF-ALE Group for more info.

By the way, my first Keyspan unit was damaged when I plugged into a
malfunctioning USB port expander... Keyspan replaced the unit free, no
questions asked. I only paid for shipping back to Keyspan.

Jack - kd4iz

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