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Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 30 11:25:18 EST 2008

I had a HP laptop, bought the HP adapter and drivers, Win XP OS.  Lost the laptop to theft but had the adapter separate from the computer when it disappeared.  Put the setup on new Gateway with Vista.  However, Vista isn't letting me do everything I want with the software, waiting for a patch(AGWPE).  Microsuck doesn't want you to be able to use recently obsolete (XP) devices with Vista, they want you to buy new stuff.


--- On Sat, 11/29/08, Ben Lindner <vk5jfk at activ8.net.au> wrote:

> From: Ben Lindner <vk5jfk at activ8.net.au>
> Subject: [aprssig] usb-serial
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> Date: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 3:44 PM
> Hi All,
> I have just  got a usb-serial  cable working under XP that
> has been 
> sitting around for many years and has never worked under XP
> before so 
> did some searching for drivers and found some and it now
> works 100%. I 
> have tested it with a GPS, all good.
> /My question is, has anyone used such a cable ( USB-SERIAL
> ) with a TNC 
> without any problems. /I would be interested to hear any
> thoughts or 
> suggestions
> regards
> Ben Lindner
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