[aprssig] Interesting setup ... but will it work?

Iain Young, G7III g7iii at g7iii.net
Sat Nov 29 15:49:06 EST 2008

Arte Booten wrote:
> Hi all,
> Rich G. wrote:
>> If the PCB-88 will do KISS ...
> It does.
> Iain Y. wrote:
>> If you can get the cards to talk KISS, then under Linux, then you
>> should be able to attach them to an AX.25 network device using
>> kissattach (and if dual ported, in combination with mkiss)O
>> Of course, all this assumes Linux sees them as serial ports...
> Ahh, I forgot to mention that I'd want to run an APRS client also.
> Would UI-View run on such an ancient (Pentium "I") machine faster
> than at a snail's pace?

There are many options here :) I remember running X11 on a 486 :)

There is a native Linux APRS client called Xastir.

Alternatively you could easily run a APRS server on your Linux box
(JavAPRSSrvr, aprsd etc), and then have your UI-View (and any number
of other clients) connected to it.

The options are out there.

> Stephen H. S. wrote:
>> if a machine is old enough to have ISA slots, it probably can't be safely
>> used on the Internet since you can't run modern OS'es or security on it.
> Would this include Linux solutions?  I'm not terribly familiar with Linux,
> but know that there are antivirus and firewall programs available.  As to
> how much of a limited amount of memory they consume ...               73

I'll be honest here. I only run Linux boxes. I've only ever protected
them by a Linux firewall using iptables (it comes with most 
distributions) I've never caught a virus. I've had script kiddies
run against the firewall, but no compromises so far as I am able to detect.

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