[aprssig] Interesting setup ... but will it work?

Arte Booten n2zrc at optonline.net
Fri Nov 28 14:12:44 EST 2008

Hi all,

Rich G. wrote:
> If the PCB-88 will do KISS ...

It does.

Iain Y. wrote:

>If you can get the cards to talk KISS, then under Linux, then you
>should be able to attach them to an AX.25 network device using
>kissattach (and if dual ported, in combination with mkiss)O
>Of course, all this assumes Linux sees them as serial ports...

Ahh, I forgot to mention that I'd want to run an APRS client also.
Would UI-View run on such an ancient (Pentium "I") machine faster
than at a snail's pace?

Stephen H. S. wrote:

>The biggest problem is that no machine has had ISA slots for the last 7
>years or so.

I literally found one sitting on the sidewalk a few months ago.  It's been
waiting for me to move into new digs and set it up.  Doesn't have an OS yet.

>if a machine is old enough to have ISA slots, it probably can't be safely
>used on the Internet since you can't run modern OS'es or security on it.

Would this include Linux solutions?  I'm not terribly familiar with Linux,
but know that there are antivirus and firewall programs available.  As to
how much of a limited amount of memory they consume ...               73

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