[aprssig] aprssig Digest, Vol 53, Issue 25

Charlie Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Fri Nov 28 08:49:49 EST 2008

On 11/27/2008 Tony Komljanec wrote:

> What is knocking my enthusiasm out of me are the folks who put 6
> fixed WX stations in an area each transmitting once per minute on
> 144.390, combined with long paths with "Ed at home" every few
> minutes. Overpowered digi's don't help either as when they transmit,
> every other igate and digi for 50 miles goes deaf.   QRM is very
> high with FIXED-FIXED traffic while the MOBILE-FIXED gets squashed. 
> Reliability for mobile message delivery is poor.

Which is why I took my station off RF totally - it's ONLY on iNet now

>My own underlay (fill-in) iGate contributes message delivery to APRS-IS perhaps >10% of the time (packets which would have otherwise been lost) of what it >hears.  The other 90% of the time other wide area (high) iGates successfully >hear and move the traffic to APRS-IS before my iGate does (my iGate delivery >becomes duplicate an is tossed by IS).  If I turn on my iGate's digipeater >functions (W1-1), I'm effectively adding redundant packets to the frequency 90% >of the time to the detriment of the channel loading.  In the area, W1 is >successful when not being killed by fixed station QRM.  For this reason I've >tried turning the digi function off.    

Good question - I have a similar problem - there is a nasty RF hole to the north of me - with my digi down (which it has been for 1-2 years now)., but in the other say 270 degs I'm just QRM - the question is - put it back up, and fill the hole, or, cut down the QRM?  NYC has way too much QRM as it is, it's just that there are holes everywhere, due to hills and man made canyons
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