[aprssig] New DIGI Setup

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 16 13:02:00 EST 2008

> trying to set up my KPC 3+ TNC, version 8.3.  
> http://www.aprs.org/kpc3/kpc3+WIDEn.txt
> I am confused on the Location Texts...

Towards the end of the file are exact examples of the four
location texts.  All you have to do is enter your LAT/LONG and
name of your state or section "SS" or "SSS" etc.  Everything
after the SSn-N is free field.

LT  1 !DDMM.hhNSDDDMM.hhW#PHGphgd W2, SSn-N, ...
LT  2 !DDMM.hhNSDDDMM.hhW#PHGphgd W2, SSn-N, ...
LT  3 !DDMM.hhNSDDDMM.hhW#PHGphgd W2, SSn-N, ...
LT  4 !DDMM.hhNSDDDMM.hhW#PHGphgd W2, SSn-N, ...

All of the LTexts should be identical so the Position Beacon is
not always changing and using up the new-posit LOG files on
every user's PC... Also, notice that the " W2, SSn-N" is exactly
10 spaces and so good placement of the next ten text or the next
18 characters can be formatted to show up nicely on the D7 and
D700 10x10x... Displays.

Also be sure that your BEACON TEXT has the local Frequency
Object for the coverage area of that digi.  See

Hope that helps.

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