[aprssig] New DIGI Setup

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 16 11:06:41 EST 2008

I an looking at one of Bobs' pages (WB4APR) and am trying to set up my KPC 3+ TNC, version 8.3.  

The URL is http://www.aprs.org/kpc3/kpc3+WIDEn.txt

I am confused on the Location Texts he makes reference to.  Is this one of the LT buffers or LTP buffers or some other command?

I am trying to make sure I have the PHG info in the correct place to show correctly when the packet is sent out.
The following is the section on the bottom of the page that I am stumbling on:

SEVENTH:  Now set the digi to INFORM users of its capabilities and
other local information of value to the mobile operator.  See

1) Set the LOCATION TEXTS with this exact format for the consistent
display to the users as to the capabilities of this digi:
   FORMAT: PHGxxxx W2, SSSn-N, remaining comments....

a) "PHGXXXX " plots a cricle showing the working range of the digi
b) "W3, SSSn-N"  informs users of the recommended hops and section.
c) The "S" character between the LAT/LONG shows an "S" overlay
d) If you feel you must use the altitude /A=001377, please add it at 
   the end, not first.  Since those first 20 bytes are what the D7 
   and D700 users see and the other stuff above is more important.
   In my opinion, Altitude is redundant since the more valuable info
   of height above average terrain is included in PHG.

Thanks in advance,

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