[aprssig] Universal Text Messaging and SMS

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Nov 6 11:43:53 EST 2008

Bill Vodall WA7NWP skrev:

>> - AE5PL Email Engine: Send to "AE5PL-EM".
> This I'll try tonight after work.  I believe there are other folks
> running Pete email program with different addresses.   (It would be
> great it somebody would use the simple address of "EM" or maybe "EM1..
> EM2..etc"   Every character saved helps.

agree to to try to make a standard.

I also have this APRS<-->EMAIL enabled on the javaprssrv

But i have used the "callsign" LAMAIL-2 and this is probably NOT the 
prefered method. But it's easier to remember than LA3QMA-EM
When receiving mail i have included my callsign and e-mail if someone 
have any issues with this solution.

If we here can agree to some standard for a system not limiting new 
users this would be ok. Then i can change the "callsign" for the service 
i have running.

EM i think is to short and does not say what the function actually are 
doing. EMAILxxxx or MAILxxxxx seems for me the way to go.

Kai Gunter

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