[aprssig] APRS 6m MeteorScatter net - WA8LMF-2 now on air

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Mar 28 14:32:43 EDT 2008

>> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>> Everyone with 6m APRS come join us this weekend on 50.62 MHz.

 I'm now ready to go.  Is there some preferred sever to log into, or is 
this just going into the standard APRS IS stream?   Beacon to the usual 
APnnnn or is there a special path to be used?

 As of 11:15 Pacific Daylight Time ( Friday 28 March) I am now beaconing 
on 50.62 FM at 10 seconds after each minute with about 50W power output 
using standard 1200 baud packet.   The setup is a Kenwood TS-690 into a 
Comet SB-15 triband 6-2-70cm base station antenna.  This ant is a 
5/8th-wave radiator with a resonant counterpoise on 6M.    Data setup is 
a KPC3+ run by UI-View in KISS mode.   

UIview has a meteor mode that can send rapid-fire bursts of multiple 
beacons once a minute at a specified offset from the top of the minute. 
I have it set to 4 second bursts, starting at 10 secs after the top of 
each minute.    This gets out 6 repetitions of the beacon on each cycle.

 Due to the quarter-megawatt of channel 2 TV only 5 miles away on Mt 
Wilson, I probably won't be able to HEAR anything, but if I get lucky 
with a few strong bursts, they will be plotted on a map of the whole 
U.S. and igated.      The UI-Webserver will be running at:

     <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:50620    [Port number is 6M freq 50.620 MHz]

 This one is completely separate from my main UI-Webserver running at:

    <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:14439     [Port number is standard 2M APRS 
freq 144.39]

 These are two different computers sharing a single router and DSL 
connection, with port forwarding.


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