[aprssig] APRS 6m MeteorScatter net

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Mar 26 20:31:20 EDT 2008

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Everyone with 6m APRS come join us this weekend on 50.62 MHz.
> I'll give it a shot with my Kenwood TS-690  (the '690 is actually a 
> TS-450 AM-FM-SSB-CW all-mode rig with 6 meters at 100W out added to 
> the HF coverage).   I'll be able to transmit, but probably won't HEAR 
> anything since I'm only about 5 miles from Mt Wilson, with it's 
> quarter-megawatt of channel 2 TV at 55.250 MHz,  here at home in 
> Pasadena, CA. 

I'm now ready to go.  Is there some preferred sever to log into, or is 
this just going into the standard APRS IS stream?   Beacon to the usual 
APnnnn or is there a special path to be used?

I will be using a full UIview setup on another computer (separate from 
my main installation and webserver), complete with igate and internal 
webserver.    I will be transmitting as  WA8LMF-2  with about 50 watts 
into a Comet triband (6M-2M-70cm) base station antenna that is a 
5/8-wave on 6M.   I'll start the beacons Friday night 28 March about 
6:00 PM local time and run through early AM Monday.  

UIview has a meteor mode that can send rapid-fire bursts of multiple 
beacons once a minute at a specified offset from the top of the minute. 
I'm setting it to 5 seconds of bursts, starting at 10 secs after the top 
of each minute.    This should get out 4 or 5 beacons each minute.

As mentioned above, I probably won't be able to HEAR anything, but if I 
get lucky with a few strong bursts, I will plot them on a map of the 
whole U.S. and igate them.      The UI-Webserver will be running at:

     <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:50620>    [Port number is 6M freq 50.620 MHz]

This one is completely separate from my main UI-Webserver running at:

    <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:14439>     [Port number is standard 2M 
APRS freq 144.39]

These are two different computers sharing a single router and DSL 
connection, with port forwarding. 


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