[aprssig] Considering buying a D7 - Some Basic Questions

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Fri Mar 28 11:11:49 EDT 2008

I've borrowed a late version one, and an early one. Both gave trouble 
controlling S-Com, and several other controlers with touch tones. 
Looking at the tones on a service monitor, there was not pre-emphasis, 
and at 4 khz dev which is a bit much. Since the radios were not mine, I 
did not bother to sort out how to correct these issues.

Jason KG4WSV wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 11:49 PM, Steve Noskowicz <noskosteve at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>   Specific questions:
>>  Does it have an in-radio charger?

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