[aprssig] APRS configuration in south Fla

Richard Sharp, KQ4KX kq4kx at arrl.net
Wed Mar 26 20:09:34 EDT 2008

Probably the biggest reason APRS coverage down there isn't what it used to
be (Rich may chime in here since he used to live down that way) is the
KD4BBM-6 digi that was up some 1000'+ or so platform mounted is not on the
air (and hasn't been for some months).  I heard there was some problem that
damaged all of the equipment in the enclosure (don't recall exactly what it
was so don't want to speculate).  There were one or two collocated repeaters
in the cabinet too.  Not sure if there is efforts to get the repeaters
and/or APRS digipeater back on the air.

Perhaps there are folks on this SIG that are down that way that might know


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I am 90% sure they are still using WIDE and RELAY. It has been 2 years since
I lived in the West Palm Beach area but if memory serves me correct they
were using MFJ TNC's or old KPC's and I do not belive those can easly be
moved to the new configurations.


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