[aprssig] APRS configuration in south Fla

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 26 09:53:27 EDT 2008

> I am 90% sure they are still using WIDE 
> and RELAY. It has been 2 years since
> I lived in the West Palm Beach area but 
> if memory serves me correct they
> were using MFJ TNC's or old KPC's and I 
> do not belive those can easly be
> moved to the new configurations.

Easiest way is to change RELAY to WIDE1-1
Done.  It is then compatible.  (for the first hop)
But then it only needs a few WIDEn-N digis to then
Carry the 2nd hops..

Still works perfectly well locally.  And that is what APRS is
all about.

If you can get them to change the ROMS to UIDIGI ROMS then those
old MFJ's become good New-N compliant...


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> I just made a trip to south Florida from Ga.  My GPS and radio
> worked perfectly until I got to the 85-86 mile marker on the 
> turn pike.
> I did not notice it until I went to check it out on my mom's
> So I went out side to check it out.  Everything thing looked 
> OK.  I had
> to go to the hospital the next day with my mom and took my
laptop with
> me.
> I have the GPS and D710 user manuals on my computer.  I read 
> through each
> one and jotted down some configuration items to check.
> I rechecked all items.....everything was OK.
> The D710 would not send "My position"...but, looking at the 
> position info
> from the GPS, all was OK.  The D710 had a double ?? in front 
> of any call
> sign it rx'ed.
> The ?? says the D710 is unable to decode the packets from the
> When I started back to GA, the system started working again
around the
> 79/80 mile marker.  (Just south of West Palm Beach)
> So this leads me to believe that Broward & Dade County must be
using a
> different APRS config.
> If anyone knows what I need to do, please advise.  Thanx,
> (Lan_King at juno.com)
> 73's
> Bob Head
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