[aprssig] APRS configuration in south Fla

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:05:55 EDT 2008

I am 90% sure they are still using WIDE and RELAY. It has been 2 years since
I lived in the West Palm Beach area but if memory serves me correct they
were using MFJ TNC's or old KPC's and I do not belive those can easly be
moved to the new configurations.


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I just made a trip to south Florida from Ga.  My GPS and radio (D710)
worked perfectly until I got to the 85-86 mile marker on the turn pike.
I did not notice it until I went to check it out on my mom's computer.

So I went out side to check it out.  Everything thing looked OK.  I had
to go to the hospital the next day with my mom and took my laptop with
I have the GPS and D710 user manuals on my computer.  I read through each
one and jotted down some configuration items to check.
I rechecked all items.....everything was OK.

The D710 would not send "My position"...but, looking at the position info
from the GPS, all was OK.  The D710 had a double ?? in front of any call
sign it rx'ed.
The ?? says the D710 is unable to decode the packets from the sender.

When I started back to GA, the system started working again around the
79/80 mile marker.  (Just south of West Palm Beach)

So this leads me to believe that Broward & Dade County must be using a
different APRS config.

If anyone knows what I need to do, please advise.  Thanx,
(Lan_King at juno.com)

Bob Head

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